How exactly do you know which instructor is right for you? Here are three things you should do before selecting your instructor.

Know Their Intentions

Do they actually want to teach you? Or are they just a pilot who is building their 1500 hours to qualify for the airlines? If this is the case then all you will get is rushed and disinterested flight training sessions adding to the overall number of hours and costs for your training.

Know Their Style

Once you have selected someone, it is important to assess their teaching style. They may have the necessary knowledge to be an instructor, but what they do with that knowledge is more important. Are they the type who really enjoys teaching and helping or do they have the attitude that none measure up to their standards? Listen for this by how they talk about their other students. Stay away if all they do is talk negatively about their students.

Be wary of any instructor without a detailed syllabus. Failure to produce one is an indicator of a teacher not properly qualified to carry out this instruction. To this end, make sure you find an instructor who conducts pre and post-flight briefings and assigns study material.

Know Their Schedule

Finding an instructor is about them, but learning to fly is about you. Pilot training is a big commitment, and your life must be planned accordingly. As such, you need to find a flight instructor who is going to be accommodating. Again, making sure that the process is about your schedule, not theirs.

You need someone who is grounded and someone who has roots to where you are, ensuring that there are no interruptions in your training.

Where to Start

As you begin your flight instructor search, it will be worth your time to investigate two major organizations: The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE).

These organizations will guarantee esteemed and trustworthy flight instructors, and it is best to start your search process with your best foot forward.

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