Sontara Window Wipes AC1213


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DuPont Sontara now offers aerospace industry manufacturing and maintenance professionals a new tool for critical cleaning - the DuPont Sontara window wipe - the first wiping product to be designed exclusively for use on aircraft windshields and passenger windows.<BR><BR>Engineered with the advanced fabric technology of Sontara and a unique proprietary blend of fibers, the Sontara window wipe delivers an effective cleaning solution for windows manufactured from acrylic, polycarbonate and glass.<BR><BR>Stephen Leung, market manager for Sontara aerospace wipes says, "Over the past two years our discussions with industry technicians and manufacturers have consistently revealed that among the most critical cleaning issues in aerospace are those related to aircraft windshields and passenger windows. The DuPont challenge, then, was to develop a soft, low-linting fabric that would be extremely gentle, yet durable enough to get surfaces clean."<BR><BR>Leung goes on to explain that scratches are most often caused by contaminants that already exist on the window's surface. That's why Sontara window wipes have been designed with tiny apertures in the fabric, that when used with an industry-approved cleaning solution, create highly absorbent 'channels' that help the wipe actually pull dirt and grit away from the surface, reducing the potential for scratching sensitive surfaces.<BR><BR>These unique wipes can help maintenance and manufacturing facilities save money, too -- since field tests have shown that less time and fewer wipes need to be used during the cleaning cycle. In fact, the Sontara window wipe is one of the few products approved by Boeing to be included on document D6-49427 for use during window assembly.<BR><BR>Packet includes 25 wipes.

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